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Minesweeper Help

The object of Minesweeper

The object of Minesweeper is to find all the mines as quickly as possible without uncovering any of them.

To play Minesweeper

  1. On the Game menu, click New.
  2. To start the timer, click any square on the playing field.


  • The game area consists of the playing field, a mine counter, and a timer.
  • You can uncover a square by clicking on it. If you uncover a mine, you lose the game.
  • If a number appears on a square, it indicates how many mines are in the eight squares that surround the numbered one.
  • To mark a square you suspect contains a mine, right-click it.

Strategies and tips

  • If you are uncertain about a square, right-click it twice to mark it with a question mark (?). Later, you can either mark the square as a mine or uncover it by right-clicking again once or twice.
  • When you have marked all mines around a numbered square, you can quickly uncover all empty squares around it by clicking that square with both mouse buttons. If not all mines touching the square are marked, the uncovered touching squares will flash.
  • Look for common patterns in numbers, which often indicate a corresponding pattern of mines. For example, the pattern 2-3-2 at the edge of a group of uncovered mines indicates a row of three mines next to the three numbers.