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Apart from package.json, the following files are included:

  • .babelrc configuration file for Babel
  • .gitignore common Git ignored files
  • index.html this HTML5 file
  • _sass/main.scss a basic SCSS file that imports Bulma and explains how to customize your styles, and compiles to css/main.css
  • _javascript/main.js an ES6 JavaScript that compiles to lib/main.js

Try it out!

To see if your setup works, follow these steps:

  1. Move to this directory:

    cd bulma-start

  2. Install all dependencies:

    npm install

  3. Start the CSS and JS watchers:

    npm start

  4. Edit _sass/main.scss by adding the following rule at the end of the file:

    html {
      background-color: $green;

The page background should turn green!

Get started

You're ready to create your own designs with Bulma. Just edit or duplicate this page, or simply create a new one!
For example, this page is only built with the following Bulma elements:

Type CSS class
Columns columns column
Layout section container footer
Elements button content title subtitle
Form field control
Helpers has-text-centered has-text-weight-semibold

If you want to learn more, follow these links: